Valentine's Day Card

 A little bit more than a year ago, Sheri Decker posted a card very similar to this one at the Cricut Message board. At that time I did't have the Sweethearts cart but I completely loved the card, so I saved the picture and waited for the moment in which I could make a replica of it.

This week my cousin's husband asked me for a Valentine's Day card for her, and she happens to be a Chef. I inmediately remembered this card and here is my version of it. I really wanted to make this card, but I wanted it for someone special and my cousin is so close to me, so there couldn't be better person for this.
The card will be for my cousin from her husband and her son.

Woman and hearts from Sweethearts.
Stove and pot from From My Kitchen.

This is a shot of the inside.
I just tie the card with the ribbon to keep
it closed, instead of use an envelope. 
I used Gypsy font for the sentiment.
Spice was cut from Freshley picked 

Hope you like this and thank you to Sheri Decker for the inspiration!

4 comentarios:

JustYolie dijo...

Your card is just too cute, super creative!

Glenda dijo...

Very cute! Love the way the cuts from the two cartridges work so well together! Great sentiment!

Dalis dijo...

oh wow!!!!! que precioso... I am bookmarking it!!! I am coming from Gaby's linking Love party and I am starting to follow you!

-- dalis dijo...

Thanks for participating on my linking blogoversary! and with such nice project! Your follower ~Gaby